The Moonlight Soul

Beatrix turned in a flash to face the dirty brass mirror hanging from the wall. The tarnished glass revealed two large hollows that glowed sky blue where once her eyes had been. Her hair was no longer brown but black and her nightdress was now also a silvery grey. All around her was a blue light. Beatrix looked down her body to see that her feet were not touching the floor but were floating above it. She let out another yelp and as she did, she floated with speed up to the ceiling hitting her head with bang on a wooden beam. The rapidness of her breathing returned, as did the thumping of her heart. 

“Calm yourself Beatrix,” a tranquil feminine voice whispered. 

The voice did not make Beatrix tranquil. She froze in terror. 

“Please don’t be scared, Miss Amaris. Come to the window child… let me see your face,”

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